July 12, 2024

Costs VERY LESS and works WELL: Moulinex kitchen scales for only €11!


The Moulinex BN1000 Compliss kitchen scale is an essential accessory for every kitchen Capacity up to 5kg is a LCD screen which ensures precise results with a minimum thickness of 1 gram. Currently on sale at Amazon for just €11.99 instead of €20.99 thanks to a double discount, between including 20% ​​voucher which can be applied directly on the product page!

note: Remember to activate the coupon on the product page to receive an additional 20% discount, which will be applied at checkout.

Moulinex kitchen scales, who should buy them?

This kitchen scale is Ideal for those who enjoy making desserts and recipes that require precise measurements to achieve perfect results. With the ability to measure up to 5kg to the gram, it is perfect for ensuring the right amount of ingredients. In addition, the tare function allows additional ingredients to be weighed without having to empty the container, making work in the kitchen more efficient.

The practicality is not only limited to the precision of the measurements, but also to the scale easy to clean, thank you on its stable plastic platform and can be can be hung conveniently Thanks to the side hook, optimal organization of the room is guaranteed.

In short: If you are looking for a reliable, practical and attractively designed scale, the Moulinex BN1000 Compliss model is certainly the right choice for you, especially in view of the current price of only €11.99!

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