June 19, 2024

Starfield doesn't give up: things will get better with the next patch


If there is one thing that makes games Bethesda Softworks There is no shortage, this is patch support. From its launch last summer to today, including the most recent Starfield has received several updates from the team Bethesda Game Studiosthat aims to fix problems – or solve some really inexplicable naivety that we've been talking about in our video reviewwith which the game was started.

Now also in sight of the future first DLCwas confirmed via Twitter that off next March 6th A new version will be released (first in the beta version, then in the final version). Corrective plaster of the space role-playing game, which will include some improvements and fixes for issues identified in recent months.

Specifically, Bethesda expected that we could expect the following content:

  • Additions from Expressions in photo mode, which allows you to pose to take different pictures. It will also be possible to have fun with poses for Vasco, our faithful companion robot;
  • Scanner improvements which, as Bethesda explains, will allow us to continue using it to monitor the world around us even as we collect resources or open doors;
  • Activate a side mission inactive when you set the itinerary, eliminating the need to take the additional step of activating it;
  • Fixed bug related to NPC David Barronwhich disappeared for some players in the side mission “Sabotage”.

“We hope this update will further improve your experience Starfield” concluded the official Bethesda Game Studios account. “Stay tuned for the full patch notes coming next week!”

Released on PC and Xbox as the flagship Xbox Game Studios – it's Bethesda's first truly ambitious project since its acquisition by Microsoft, although Todd Howard has apparently reiterated that he's been working on it for decades – Starfield takes him back Style features of The Elder Scrolls And Stand out to try to translate them into a space epic.

The result was in some cases divisivebecause while the game improves many aspects such as writing and choices, it loses the sense of discovery and exploration compared to its famous forebears, which were instead key aspects of Skyrim and companions.

The game is included with Xbox Game Pass (and PC Game Pass) and can also be played in the cloud with Game Pass Ultimate. Phil Spencer has now confirmed this it is not expected it also lands on PS5.

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