May 27, 2024

Zelda meets Metal Gear Solid and the result is perfect


In a gesture that seems to recall the recent announcement of the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3the fans of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom They set out to recreate the iconic Metal Gear REX – and not only – with the Zonai components at their disposal.

The sequel to the masterpiece released on Switch (which you can find here). At Amazon) is indeed one of the great titles of 2023, so much so that players have already had the chance to let their imagination run wild.

In fact, just a few days ago, someone breathed life into the Definable currently the most powerful weapon ever created in the game.

Well, as also reported by DualShockersthere are those who created from scratch the two-legged nuclear-armed tank from the License Plate saga konamiand not only.

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The Metal Gear plays a central role in all iterations of the series and is arguably the most iconic element of the franchise.

So it’s surprising to see how the fan has recreated it down to the smallest detail.

But not only that: thanks to the Ultrahand ability, another ballistic system has also been created, very similar to it Shagohod From Metal Gear Solid 3 or its real-life counterpart, HIMARS.

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Unlike Metal Gear REX, the Shagohod had limited mobility and lacked the signature bipedal design. All in all really not bad.

When we talk about the game in its entirety, we should remember that Tears of the Kingdom in fact he even sold it 10 million copies in just 3 dayswhich is not much

In the our review published only a few days ago on the pages of SpazioGames We’ve explained why we’re talking about a near-perfect game, in pretty much every way.

Finally, if you haven’t left yet hyrule In the company of Left and you are about to do it. Let’s see how they can help you Our constantly updated guides to the game.

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