May 20, 2024

Xbox Activision, Microsoft is preparing the most extreme gesture for the takeover


Not for longeither way, at the end of the dispute between Xboxes She regulators for the purchase of Activision Blizzardalso because of desperate steps ahead.

The deal that will make it even stronger Xbox Game Pass (those You can subscribe to it through Amazon) went through a lot to stop and among these there is precisely that of CM extension.

The UK regulator is proving to be one of the most hostile to the Xbox Activision Blizzard deal, so much so that the mood was heated so much having aroused the wrath of Bobby Kotick.

In the coming months, the war between Xbox and CMA will arrive end as saidAnd Microsoft would be prepared for extreme gestures in order to win.

The problem of acquisition is, meanwhile even the walls know it, the possible Monopoly Microsoft could attain in gamingespecially in the cloud gaming where it would essentially be the only relevant exponent.

For that, as reported VGC extensionthe Redmond company is evaluating it More extreme step: “eliminate” Activision.

Brad Smith, President of Microsoftwill hit that British Chancellor Jeremy Hunt next week for expresses his frustration for the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) decision to block the deal.

Hunt, who has previously criticized the work of the CMA on other occasionswill meet with Microsoft legal representatives to discuss the company’s strategy to counter the CMA’s decision, including “extreme” options such as the Activision’s withdrawal from the UK market or bypass the British order and continue the deal.

In this way The regulator would actually have no more material for which Microsoft’s agreement could be attacked, even if the latter were in a very complex situation Activision’s absence from such an important market to deal with.

Now they are arriving new starting signal for companies from all over the worldwhile we wait for that Britain can finally make up its mind.

Also because of the story has taken on nuances on various occasions really something special almost like a spy story in moments and now we all want an end.

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