May 18, 2024

Wii U is “dead”, but there is one last free game you can download


Nintendo has decided to stop the eShops of 3DS and Wii Uas the relevant official shops have now been definitively closed.

Before you officially drop support and definitely focus on Switch (find the OLED model At Amazon) and all future consoles, there is still something to say.

With the previously announced closure which has now made it impossible to buy new gamesapparently a developer has decided to show you the way Play a video game on Wii U for free.

As reported by Nintendo lifean indie developer decided a very welcome gift to old Nintendo console owners.

Ultra Dolphin Revolution, an indie developer who has created a number of games currently exclusive to Wii U eShop, is giving away 128 downloadable codes his latest Wii U title, captain and.

Although the Wii U shut down earlier this week, it’s still possible Redeem downloadable codes until April 3rd.

That’s why Ultra Dolphin Revolution decided to do this Share your work with players from all over the world and spreads out Twitter the codes for captain U in Europe and North America.

Codes for North America appear in five tweets, followed by codes for Europe in the next five tweets. Some of the codes may have already been redeemed If you’re interested in snagging one, keep trying.

Let’s stay on topic A YouTuber Spent $23,000 To Restore The Entire Catalog On Wii U And 3DSand then donate it to a special center to preserve the history of video games.

Speaking of other things, Nintendo recently unveiled one of the most anticipated Switch exclusives of the last few hours, viz Zelda Tears of the Kingdomwhat showed many new gameplay features and a dedicated OLED switch.

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