June 19, 2024

Titanfall/Apex, a single player game, would have been canceled just yesterday


Respawn doesn’t appear to have any plans to dust off the franchise titanium fall: Despite the passionate fan base, EA and the development team seem to have canceled these hours a single player episode dedicated to the brand to which it also belongs Apex Legends.

No successor has been announced for the second titanium fall (You can retrieve it on Amazon at a really attractive price), although Respawn has often emphasized that does not intend to abandon the saga.

Indeed after removing the first titanium fall from the shops, not only the developers have confirmed that The servers would remain onlinebut you have also promised news for the future.

The team had promised titanium fall is still the core of their DNA, to rekindle hopes for a new chapter, although it is now the familiar Jason Schreier to report bad news.

As reported above Bloomberg (Street reset era) Electronic Arts has reportedly canceled a game based on the popular franchises Apex Legends and titanium fallafter reported by three people aware of the matter.

The unannounced game was in production at developer Respawn Entertainment. On Tuesday, January 31st, EA submitted it later a disappointing sales forecast for the current quarter.

The enterprise he said he cancelled the mobile game Apex Legends and the mobile version of battlefieldand the closure of the Industrial Toys studio.

But that’s not all: always during last night’s EA also decided to postpone the much-anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Survivoranother title in development at Respawn.

Management informed the team about the now-defunct game, consisting of about 50 peoplethat EA will try to find a position within the company.

According to sources familiar with the matter who have asked to speak anonymous since you are not authorized to speak to the press – those who cannot find a job receive a severance package and is released.

The aborted project, known by its code name TFL extension or Titanfall Legendswas intended to be a single player game set in the shared universe, directed by the designer Mohammed Alavi (who left the company in early 2022).

For several years, fans have been clamoring for a new single-player version of the series titanium fall, acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. So for now, fans will have to settle for that Apex Legendstitle Multiplayer battle royale is set in the same universe that became one of EA’s highest grossing games, grossing over $2 billion.

Respawn, one of EA’s most prolific video game developers, is constantly updating Apex Legends and also works on several Star Wars games Jedi: Survivor.

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