May 20, 2024

The Witcher, the spin-off study in trouble


CD Projekt just released a new note stating that it has officially defined a new structure for the so-called The Witcher Project Sirius. Unfortunately, this has not prevented some redundancies.

The Polish team has many projects in the pipeline dedicated to the franchise after the historical third chapter (which you can find). At Amazon).

The saga is therefore ready to begin anew with adventures in unprecedented contexts, including Project Sirius, the chapter of the series Manufactured by The Molasses Flood Studio in Boston (former author of Drake Hollow And The Flame in the Flood).

For the past few months, Project Sirius has stalled, and CD Projekt announced it was staying Reassessing its reach and commercial potential of the game’s original concept.

Well, as also reported by GamesRadarthe spin-off studio would be hit with layoffs after the project was restructured.

Last May 12tha former member of The Molasses Flood, shared on social media that he was fired from the developer.

Former Narrative Technical Designer Robert Bailey he revealed via his personal account below Twitter that he was sadly released from the Boston studio last week.

Officially, neither the team nor CD Projekt have confirmed the developer’s dismissal.

However, The Molasses Flood’s art department also appears to have been affected by the layoffs.

The environmental artist Eleanor Falk he announced via his account Twitter that she and Bailey were fired the same day and are both now looking for new job opportunities.

Without an official announcement from the studio or its owner, it’s difficult to get any idea how many The Molasses Flood developers were affected by the layoffs.

From what you read above TwitterIt appears that Less than 10 people were discharged from the Boston studybut social media is unlikely to shed any light on the magnitude of the story.

Speaking of other things, CD Projekt RED recently announced the arrival of Patch 4.03 for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, is expected today on consoles and PCs of the current generation.

We’re still debating the future of the franchise and it looks like work on the so-called The witcher 4 go at full speed but they were certainly not accelerated.

Finally, if you haven’t already, find out how well old Geralt fares in the new current-gen version our special review.

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