May 27, 2024

The new PlayStation Plus does not mesh (but monthly active users on PlayStation are increasing)


last June, Sony He also introduced the renewed one in our area PlayStationPlus: the subscription service (you can find it on Amazon) was divided into different tiers with different benefits compared to before, as we explained to you in our dedicated guide.

However, this solution He had given us a small impression that he has not yet clearly defined how to move in the world of gambling services – and already the first editions had confirmed this feeling. So, after a rather quiet start and one fiscal quarter after launch, it was done Record loss of subscribersinstead of increase the trend has not changed.

In the last few hours Sony the data published with reference to Q3 of fiscal year 2023 (ie for the period October 1st to December 31st) and we went up from 45.4 million subscribers in the second quarter 46.4 million subscribers. So if there is a slight increase compared to the period from June to October, If you look at the annual figures, there is a decrease.

In the third quarter of fiscal 2021, when the new plus had not yet started, there were 48 million subscribers, down -4% year-on-year.

As we have told you in our analysis from some time agoAs such, PS Plus has been leveling off at lower numbers for some time than it has in the past, when it also peaked at 48 million subscribers. Remain important numbers e very very big compared to its origins (in fiscal 2016 the service had 26.4 million users), but for the moment the shock provoked by the arrival of the new PS Plus does not seem to have arrived.

On the other hand, the report confirms this Monthly active users on PlayStation are increasingso those who not only have the console, but also turn it on and connect to the PSN services.

In fact, we’re talking about Q3 of ’22 112 million monthly active userscompared to 102 in the previous quarter. Again, the year-over-year growth is confirmed: in fact, there were 111 monthly active users in the third quarter of fiscal ’21, slightly less than this year.

We are now waiting to find out how these numbers will develop in the near future: we know that this year Sony is mainly focused on what is to come PS VR2 launch and will also see the debut, in the fall, From Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – which is a big draw for many right now the storage crisis seems to be behind us.

However, for PS Plus, as always, we’ll be following the entries and exits from the catalog closely. If another day one game should show up like it did last July For Strayit could certainly give the service a boost, but we need to understand if and how Sony can manage to get more people closer to keeping the subscription active over the long term.

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