May 19, 2024

The “Lord of the Rings” PS2 games were “fantastic,” fans agree


Dedicated to games Lord of the Rings The market is full of them, although no title comes close to the beauty of the old additions released on PS2.

After all, it's a franchise that's still very popular (just think of the merchandising you'll find). At Amazon).

After the flop of GollumMiddle-earth fans always hope that the IP returns to the glories of the past.

Now that the fans have been calling for it the remake of the classic trilogy dedicated to games Lord of the Ringsit seems the praise doesn't end there.

As also reported by Gaming Biblein fact, some players up Reddit They discussed their favorite licensed video games of all time.

“Which licensed game took more effort than you would expect?”“Codemeist3r” asked.

The answers were varied: Castle of Illusion with Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons: Hit & Run And Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicbut video games inspired by the novels of JRR Tolkienor Lord of the Ringswere the hottest topic of discussion in the thread.

“Connection to video games for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Really fun hack 'n' slash games, although all the licensed games were garbage.said “matva55”. “I would like to play it again”.

“These games are fantastic. It was so beautiful to see Gandalf and Legolas grow into unstoppable war machines.”replied “Probably the last Mimsy.”

“I remember playing it on Xbox without pressing the buttons but using the control stick to do the movements and everything worked so well.”similar to “Excellent-Garlic-140”.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely we'll return to the golden days of the PS2 era The Lords of the Rings: The Two Towers And the return of the King. Your best bet is to grab an original PS2 or Xbox and start looking for retro games from the past.

It's also true that it's no secret to fans Lord of the Rings they want “her” Hogwarts legacy.

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