June 19, 2024

The Last of Us, the “real” Abby, is featured in the season finale


In the last few hours we have finally been able to witness this season finale of The last of uswhich is very similar to that in the original video game and which is inevitably destined to reignite community discussions for a long time to come.

However, it did not go unnoticed on the occasion of one of the final scenes a very special cameoin view of the second season, which will be inspired by the events narrated in it Part II (you find it on Amazon).

Having already revealed the new character played by Ashley JohnsonShe too, who plays Ellie in video games, has popped up in the last few hours a surprise performance by Laura Baileythe interpreter of Abby in the second chapter of the saga.

Just like with the other original performers, the actress didn’t reprise her character’s role – who is expected to play a very important role in season two – but a simple one Look which also stands for a Reference to the original video game.

Warning: From now on you will find spoilers for the end of The Last of Us.

If you haven’t finished watching the TV series – or haven’t finished the original video game yet – we don’t recommend reading any further.

During the most important scene of the last episode or the moment when Joel decides to use all his anger to keep Ellie alive and kill everyone who stands in his way, it is possible to discover it the “real” Abby right behind the coffee table on which the protagonist lies.

Laura Bailey actually acted one of the nurses that she would be operated on: a particularly meaningful cameo that also mentions a little secret straight from the original video game.

As reported by The wrap, Neil Druckman actually confirmed that Laura Bailey had played one of the nurses even in the first chapter of The last of us Released in 2013 only to then decide to give her a much more important role in the sequel.

In short, it’s a quote that’s sure to please long-time fans and that confirms the attention the writers wanted to give to the main stars of the franchise created by Naughty Dog. Considering his face was covered by a mask, who knows he won’t be able to take on any other role also in season 2.

After witnessing the thrilling season finale, it’s time to think about what’s in store for us in season 2: the writers have already confirmed that we’re going to see a lot more action and that they should satisfy even those who would have liked to see more infected.

Actress Bella Ramsey confirmed this the second season will «different” from the first — Well, if it’s inspired The Last of Us Part IIsome changes will be inevitable.

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