May 27, 2024

The Elder Scrolls, a historical classic revived thanks to fans (and it’s free)


The legend of The Elder Scrolls is among the most popular of all time, as now a great classic of the franchise has been literally re-created by fans: we’re talking about Morrowind.

The region has also recently returned The Elder Scrolls Onlinethat you can restore At Amazon at a great price, it holds a special place in the hearts of fans

In case anyone has thought of that in the meantime Create new Morrowind Inside Skyrim The same thingsomeone else has now decided to breathe new life into the game.

NO, Let’s not talk about the multiplayer version in VRbut a fan project that really wants to relive one of the most representative chapters of the saga.

As also reported by DSO gamingthe modder “trancemaster_1988” released the first 2023 version of Morrowind’s Rebirth. According to the modder, this re-release includes a number of different fixes, additions, and improvements.

In case you didn’t know Morrowind’s Rebirth And a complete overhaul of the classic role-playing game by Bethesda. This mod adds tons of new details, weapons, armor and more to see and do.

In practice, it’s an unmissable mod for those who want to repeat this classic chapter of TES. The version in question adds new models and 3D textures, as well as new weapons, variants of the altars to the ancestral tombs and a huge amount of fixes and improvements to the scenario.

You can download Version 6.2 From Morrowind’s Rebirth out of this addresstotally free (if we were you we wouldn’t miss it for the world, especially if you’re a big fan).

Staying on topic, we already had a first and welcome foretaste a few weeks ago Morrowind automatically boosted with NVIDIA RTX Remix AI.

But not only that: stay on topic TESMonths ago, someone decided instead to transform the known Skyrim In a zombie-based third-person shooter,

Finally, yn player from Skyrim ran into a bug blocking it hundreds of feet up, while fending off a dragon’s jaws.

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