May 18, 2024

Tech Is Woman MediaWorld: many offers to celebrate technology enthusiasts


The well-known electronics chain media world started the actionTechnology is woman‘ with a series of great offers regarding a wide range of products as smart phone, smart watches, headphones, notebooks, supervised and so much more. This initiative is valid until next March 12thSo if you are interested in these products, I advise you to hurry up to make sure you buy the products at the desired price.

Among the different products offered today at a reduced price we find the gaming steering wheel Logitech G29which you can currently take home with you To only €239.99compared to the usual list price of €419.99 for a real savings of 180 € is a 42.85% discount.

The steering wheel Logitech G29 is the perfect device for racing game lovers who want to enjoy a realistic and immersive driving experience. Thanks to Force feedback feedback to two motors, you will feel the feel of the tires in corners and on different surfaces, as if you were driving a real racing car. Also the Gear helical gears reduce noise and vibration and provide precise and smooth control.

Don’t worry about losing control of the steering wheel or pedals: the anti-game device guaranteed one stable and uninterrupted driving. And with all the controls at your fingertips, you can easily access the various buttons without having to distract yourself from driving. Separate accelerator, brake and clutch pedals give you full, dynamic control of the car, just like in real life. Thanks to its compatibility with PS4, PS5, Windows and macOS, the steering wheel Logitech G29 can be used on a variety of platforms.

MediaWorld Tech is a woman

The prices offered by Mediaworld are undoubtedly among the lowest on the web and you can find many other discounted products on the Tech Is Woman initiative. We encourage you to visit the initiative page to discover all discounted products and access more information directly from the link below.

In addition, we remind you that every day we publish the best offers on the web on our website. Therefore, if you are looking for other options, we recommend that you consult them our offers section so you don’t miss any savings.

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