May 18, 2024

Steam, the new free game of the weekend, is a hide-and-seek horror game.


Also for this weekend steam has decided to offer all its users a new timed free game to discover together with your friends, who will suggest you a curious version of horror-style hide-and-seek.

It’s about per nightA Multiplayer survival horror made by Fntastic, a team notorious for recent controversy related to The day beforethe “clone” of The last of us (of which you’ll find the remake instead Drive off on Amazon).

Starting today and for another 3 days – from the moment we write this article – you can try this curious production in which 4 players have to transform into one every object in the area and try to hide from a vicious killer played by another user.

This interesting game was officially launched on Steam on December 1st, 2021 and you can try it for free right now free of charge: therefore an excellent opportunity to have fun with your friends.

If you want to make this game yours forever, we also point out that Steam has decided to offer itor on sale at 75% less: so you can buy it for only €2.43compared to the €9.75 that is regularly offered in the online shop.

So you can start your trial immediately per nightall you have to do is go to the official site below following address and click «start game»: This will open your Steam client and begin installing the product.

Alternatively, you can also click «Add to library»: This allows you to easily find the title in your catalog and install it later.

To stay on topic with the Valve Home Store, we take this opportunity to remind you that Steam has already been featured all sales dates for 2023: We therefore recommend that you mark them in your calendar so as not to miss a single offer.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other free games to download for PC, we tell you that they were released just a few hours ago the latest Prime Gaming giveaways for the month of February. Also a new free game to claim on Epic Games Store.

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