June 25, 2024

Steam removes a Telltale classic and fans are disappointed


quite unexpected, steam has decided to remove a classic from its catalog despite “very positive” reviews, a move that will leave fans quite perplexed.

think too the many free games out thereThere’s certainly no lack of variety, but having a game removed is never a good thing

As reported by comic book (Street gaming bible), the title in question is Strong Bad cool game for attractive people: Season 1developed by Telltale Games and published in 2008.

In the five-episode graphical adventure, players take on the role of Strong Bad, a character from Homestar runner.

With a mechanical point and clickStrong Bad interacts with other characters by participating in various arcade-style mini-games.

The game received a respectable rating of 76 At metacritic: the portal N Europe he wrote: “Lots of humor, an engaging and relatively challenging gameplay experience, plenty of references and continuity for long-time fans, and an overall enjoyable game.”While Eurogamer he added: “Strong Bad is fun, varied, and just the right length for an episodic game.”.

So it’s a shame that the game was taken off the list, but there’s an explanation: Telltale actually revealed that’s the case lost intellectual property rights.

The official explanation is: Unfortunately, we can no longer support Strong Bad’s “Cool Game for Attractive People”. We no longer have the rights to the IP and as a result, we can no longer sell or support the game series».

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