May 25, 2024

Starfield prepares for launch by revealing the full schedule


There are only a few weeks left until the official debut of starfield and in terms of launch (in a space game one should say ed), here all the details come to him too timeline officially.

On the game’s social channels, Bethesda Game Studios In fact, he took stock of the events in the game that will lead us to discover the universe as we will see it in the game.

The information that was spread on Instagram, for example, was then published in full on the Internet official page to this addresswhich allows us to get an idea of ​​how humans got there live in space and what conflicts/alliances will enliven the universe of our alter egos.

That’s how we find out 2050 Humans landed on Mars and since 2100 Colonies of human life sprang up in space. After reaching Alpha Centauri in the 2156 and the establishment ofcolonial union in 2159 it is 2160 when it is founded New Atlantisthe capital of the Union – and which will be one of the most recognizable names throughout our adventure starfield.

However, from then on, as we know, (unfortunately) there can be no human colonies without conflict: mobilizations, assault fleets and formations of collectives to protect citizens begin to appear in the timeline. Man begins to divide and im 2196UC and the Freestar Collective begin an all-out war known as War of Narion – which will have a disproportionate duration and will continue to do so 2216.

they arrive 2275when Sebastian Banks founded constellationwho relies on elite intellectuals from the universe and settles in the lodge of New Atlantis.

In the 2310own constellation comes into possession of one artifact and decides to hide it in his archives. Meanwhile the war it finally ends in the year 2311when the Freestar Collective manages to shoot down the most important ships in the UC fleet, taking advantage of the use of civilian ships.

A move to which UC responded by forming the UC Vanguard 2315, with citizens (or potential citizens) swearing to protect the union, even in exchange for citizenship. As the mysteries surrounding the artifact discovered by Constellation continue, we get caught between those who will unveil its secrets and those who try to hide them 2330: will be here Our story will begin.

starfieldthe first entirely original video game from Bethesda Game Studios following the success of The Elder Scrolls And Stand outis expected for the September 6th on PC and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one (you can subscribe at ). Instant play).

To find out better, you can Read more about it in our article. In these hours it was also announced that the title will have one important weight (we’re talking about 125 GB here) and given the high expectations, Bethesda in particular – now part of the Xbox Game Studios after the takeover – invited everyone to quietly wait for the game take a deep breath.

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