May 25, 2024

Stalker, a new version in UE5, is free to play


stalker 2 It’s a game that, unfortunately, got caught up in the drama of the war in Ukraine, although apparently now it’s time to talk about the first and excellent chapter, that is, the original stalker.

The sequel to GSC Game World is coming to Game Pass (you can find it discounted Amazon) doesn’t seem to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That was actually communicated months ago The launch has been postponed to a later datetherefore set in case of doubt, the imminent exit.

It’s also true that a video released recently by the development team confirms this stalker 2 will be officially available in 2023. In the meantime, someone has decided to replay the first episode in the glory of Unreal Engine 5.

As also reported by DSO gamingan unofficial port of the former Stalker Shadow of Chernobylin Unreal Engine 5, is a work in progress.

Red Panda was released last week a new beta version of the game. In case you didn’t know, this project uses the original assets and images from the original title, including the assets (although it doesn’t include all the maps from the game).

However, this fan remake in UE5 features dialogues, an AI system, an inventory and a map, and of course game mechanics with firearms.

Interestingly, this project now comes with a UE5 editor that PC gamers can now use to tweak the game to their liking. Theoretically this could provide new personalized and free content for the project.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the final version will be released – remember, unofficially – by stalker in Unreal Engine 5, although you can download the latest trial version from this address.

Staying on topic, GSC Game World Studio released a short film in March 2022 to explain the consequences of the war on the development of its continuation.

It goes without saying that the development of stalker 2 It has become much more significant after recent events that even the developers themselves have seen fight on the front lines to defend their country before Russian aggression.

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