May 25, 2024

Sonic Superstars: Here you can buy it at the best price!


Update from October 17th: Sonic Superstars is finally available! Buy It Now!

It’s finally available Sonic Superstarsa new platform game featuring the historic blue hedgehog from Seen. Reserve your copy now Sonic Superstarsin physical or digital edition, through leading stores such as Amazon, GameStop, EbayAnd CDKeyswith irresistible prices starting at €44.69!

Sonic Superstars brings the unforgettable classic Sonic back to modern platforms and offers a dose of nostalgia paired with fascinating innovations. The game is a true tribute to the brand and allows you to take on the role of your favorite heroes: from the fast-paced sound steering Tailsfrom the brave ankle to the coarse grain Amy Rose. Each character is equipped with unique skills ideal for navigating the scenic North Star Islands, a land full of challenges and mysteries.

But like any Sonic adventure, that’s it Eggman is never far away, and this time he has the support of an old adversary, Catch. Get ready for epic and strategic battles as you try to thwart their evil plans. Luckily, you have an ace up your sleeve: the legendary Chaos Emeralds. With these powerful gems you can multiply, ride rapids, transform and unlock many other amazing powers that will help you on your journey.

And when the adventure seems too big to handle alone, Sonic Superstars has the answer: Invite your friends to join you! There local cooperative mode allows you and up to three companions to tackle the entire campaign together, making every moment even more exciting.

Sonic Superstars is available from today, Tuesday October 17, 2023For Windows PC, Sony Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series And Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in the product, we recommend that you book it now directly using the links below to have it in the comfort of your home on the first day. In addition, on Amazon you can take advantage of the guarantee, which involves paying the lowest price reached by the product between now and its launch.

We also remind you that every day we highlight the best offers on the Internet that you can find in the our special section of the website.

Sonic Superstars: Where to book it at the best price?

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