June 19, 2024

Skyrim is turning into a zombie apocalypse thanks to the fans


Skyrim It’s a game that’s been getting a surprising amount of fan content for a while, and now it’s adding another really scary one.

The fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls (find the anniversary edition At Amazon) has indeed been in the crosshairs of for a long time moddersoften able to breathe new life into it.

Just think of the mod sky windwho wants to reproduce the classic Morrowind with the graphics engine and tools from Skyrim.

Well, as also reported by GameRantanother mod turns the game as if it were the Walking Dead or resident Evil.

At Nexus ModsUser Wyrmspleen wrote the “The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse”a mod for Skyrim based on the post-apocalyptic television series of the same name.

Working on the Creation Club project”plague of the dead‘ which adds a zombie mission to the game, players can now see how that feels Face off against hordes of undead in Tamriel.

Wyrmspleen says the mod is “Respect for History” And «100% immersive».

Zombies can indeed attack in groups, even against guards and soldiers, but they will no doubt be a good source of Mort Flesh2 for those playing with an alchemist.

If you think about it and want to hunt the undead, click on this address download the mod for free of course.

Staying on topic, a few days ago a mod was released that allows you to converse with NPCs Skyrim via ChatGPT, xVASynth and Whisper, but the result doesn’t seem to be the best.

But that’s not all: another mod highlights one instead Skyrim destroyed, with cities literally devastated, in which only undead, creatures and animals remain.

Finally, we also point out the existence of Skyblivion, a mod that recreates the world of oblivion surprisingly little with the engine of Skyrim.

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