May 25, 2024

Sephiroth will be the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Nomura confirms


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will inevitably have fans of the Square Enix series debating whether the remake has already messed up the character Sephiroth, with Rebirth The Rogue the story will even be Hero.

The new chapter in the remake saga of Final Fantasy VIIwhich you can order on Amazonprepares to retell the historical JRPG, taking far more liberties than we could have imagined.

We already know At what point in the original story will it stop? Final Fantasy VII Rebirthwhich gives us a very dense second chapter that will prepare us for a explosive grand finale.

And if in the second chapter It was already known that Sephiroth would be playableand, as the first trailers also confirmed, now Tetsuya Nomura drops a bombshell regarding the role of the villain in the story.

As reported The playerAs a matter of fact, Nomura compares Sephiroth to one of the other protagoniststhe heroes of the saga, so to speak.

Tetsuya Nomura recently took part in an interview where he talked about the inclusion of Sephiroth in the game. Speaking of the fact that in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is playableexplained Nomura, highlighting his role as protagonist:

“When it comes to Sephiroth being this extremely popular character, I’m honestly very curious about what makes him so attractive to users, because I hear that opinion a lot. Firstly, certainly because of his looks, but perhaps there is also something about his background that has a special fascination for so many players and makes him an icon. And that’s why I think that for Rebirth, in addition to Cloud, Sephiroth should also be considered as the protagonist for this title.”

It will be interesting to see how Sephiroth will take over his role Rebirthin a sense, which was also foreseen Cover of the game itself, which has a specific meaning.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth definitely there will be one useful game even for beginners of the sagaespecially after all these upheavals.

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