May 20, 2024

Season 2 of The Last of Us will fix a “flaw” from Season 1


filming of second season of the HBO series The last of us have not started yet, although more details about the next episodes have now surfaced.

After allowing us to relive the story of the first chapter of the Naughty Dog series (which you can also find in the PS5 remake) in Season 1 on Amazon), fans are ready to look forward to the second.

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have long since confirmed Season 2 of the main series. who get inspired Part II released on PS4.

Now that Mazin is talking about it again creative process who will follow him and Druckmann to turn the second video game into a TV series, it’s time to talk about it creatures.

One thing the showrunner has hinted at ahead of the release of season two is that apparently There will be more enemies that the characters have to deal with.

Many have indeed criticized the lack of infected in Season 1, so this sure is a popular choice.

«We will certainly advance the technology that we will use»said Mazin in an interview with deadlines.

And again the author added: “We learned a lot, especially about the infected and how to do better scenes with them. So, We will keep raising the bar. This is our call to arms.”.

What if the showrunner they could “play” with the timeline. of the Part IIit cannot therefore be ruled out that iconic enemies like the monstrous ones rat king may actually appear as early as Season 2.

Let’s stay on topic, infection with Cordyceps in the original video game was originally conceived like one “Misogyny Idea”.

But that’s not all: Just a few weeks ago, Mazin had emphasized this again and again more seasons beyond the second are plannedcurrently in pre-production.

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