May 27, 2024

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Nintendo apologizes for the mistakes: “We take feedback seriously”


The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet It is no longer a secret that games are not perfect on a technical level: the first open-world chapters in the series were actually presented numerous bugs which, if in some cases they can even be fun, in many others can seriously ruin the gaming experience.

Episodes of the ninth generation of Pokemon (which you can find at a discount on Amazon) have proven so problematic that they have their own flaws monopolized online discussionswhile they are still proving to be successful games and despite their shortcomings are well appreciated by the fans.

A situation that even Nintendo itself had not left indifferent, to the point where the publisher was forced to do it apologize publicly for the technical problems of the latest production by Game Freak e promising improvements are coming.

Statements have also been repeated in the past few hours Nintendo from Canadagiven in an interview financial post (Street GoNintendo) wanted to apologize again to all fans for the bad condition Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at the start.

In conversation with Susan Pennefather by Nintendo of Canada, in fact, underlined the poor state of the latest Pokémon games at launch, and in particular how the Kyoto house has accustomed its fans to them many other quality levels compared to what was proposed with the latest open worlds.

The editors of financial post He therefore asked them what the company had learned from this launch, but before answering, the Nintendo executive wanted to take the opportunity to reassure fans and admit your guilt again:

«We sincerely apologize. Because it’s important to give players a positive experience with our games, and when we don’t, we take that very seriously.

What I can say is this Player feedback was taken very seriously. And we’re working on improvements for those games.”

The first of the new improvement patches will arrive immediately from February 12th, as previously announced by the developers Last month: At the moment it’s not clear what the actual changes will be, but fans can only hope that most glitches will be fixed.

In any case, fans will surely be reassured by the words of Nintendo, which has claimed so more than once more than aware of the criticism come from the community. Of course, the hope is that this can be remembered as just a minor hiccup for the saga in the future.

However, we would like to emphasize that although the average of the reviews suggests the opposite, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet They aren’t considered the worst games in the series by fans: In the unenviable top 3 are actually other titles, two of which have always been released on Switch.

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