May 20, 2024

PlayStation doesn’t want leaderboards dominated by the same games and live services


Of course, as video games become more articulated, fueled by ever more advanced technical departments, that goes hand-in-hand as well the growth of their production costs (and with it promotion because you don’t want your expensive project to go quietly). It is a process against “We will crash”according to CD Projekt, and which sometimes urges publishers to invest in so-called “safe used”.

Whether it’s remakes of beloved products, their remastering, or sequels that differ little if at all from the previous game – to the point that in some cases they’re even released annually – the industry has learned to secure the revenues that allow her to spend these figures more or less sustainably. We think of them too Live service games modelfollowed by tons of publishers (not always successful) looking for lasting income.

Second Shuhei YoshidaPlayStation veteran handling talent scouting for Sony today, but the future where the best-selling games are always the same – because no one takes risks on the creative front – or they just are Game as a Service it’s not exactly desirable.

Chat about the possible contribution of artificial intelligence for the development of the microphones The guardYoshida emphasized the importance of the reward the creative flair Behind a project is the fact that uniqueness can always arise – however the work is then created.

“The video game industry will never stop being a fun place” Yoshida said when asked about his BAFTA awards. “The industry Keep growing and growing, I hope you continue to support and follow the creative ideas and the people who They try to work on something new» he underlined.

Because if this were not the case and if we only continued to pursue what is already working, because one can no longer afford economic risks with growth, we would be faced with a rather monotonous future.

«You never want to see a top 10 video game list that is nearly identical every year, or any games that become live services. In my opinion it would be a bit boring» closed Yoshida.

And how can you blame him?

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