May 27, 2024

PlayStation doesn’t seem to be done with the acquisitions yet


Playstation Studios has recently reached 20 acquisitions and it seems that the number will continue to grow.

The new team acquired a few days ago (Firewalk Studios) will therefore join the other studios that have produced video games as returnthat you find At Amazon.

And during the takeover of Xbox’s “rivals”. seems to have hit a snag Last but not least, Sony doesn’t seem to care.

As also reported by Games RadarIn fact, Sony stands Increase in the budget for purchasespave the way for more signings.

The Japanese company has released its earnings report for fiscal 2022, accompanied by a presentation from the President Hiroki Totoki.

In the presentation, Totoki states that the costs are associated with the acquisitions will increase by 20% for fiscal year 2023 compared to the same period for fiscal year 2022.

In short, this means Sony has more acquisitions planned for 2023. Sony bought it last year Bungiedeveloper of destiny 2and the new Canadian developer oasisLed by former Ubisoft veteran Jade Raymond.

We could therefore expect several acquisitions by Sony over the course of the year given their 12 month record.

President Totoki speaks for all of Sony, which means the company may be planning Projects not only related to video gamesmaybe also touching cinema and music.

Considering that PlayStation head Jim Ryan said Sony had more acquisitions planned, it’s reasonable to assume that the publisher aims to buy more studios.

Staying on PlayStation topic, PlayStation Plus subscription seems to be finally picking up, despite some recent dips: confirmed the increase in subscribers.

But that’s not all: Sony has officially managed to ban the PS5 stock market crisis: so many consoles are now coming onto the market set a new record of no small importance.

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