May 20, 2024

Nintendo Switch 2 launch window would have been revealed by Pokémon leak


A surprising new leak may have already revealed the release of a hypothesis Nintendo Switch 2which would be a more powerful version of the current console and may already be in development.

In the past few weeks, numerous rumors have been circulating about the release of a new version of the hybrid platform (find Switch OLED on Amazon), but on the occasion of the last event Pokemon gifts a simply unbelievable indiscretion may have surfaced.

GameRant In fact, a widespread leak is reported on the 4chan platform, which has already been confirmed by other insiders: although the leaks on this site are almost never reliable, in this case the information reported is expected right and accurate everything that happened during the Pokémon event.

Namely, the leak in question correctly anticipated the name of the new DLC by Scarlet fever And Violetwith Themes and legends includedas well as the immediate appearance of Suicune and Virizion paradoxes. It all ends with a very interesting preview of the successor to Nintendo Switch.

The insider says he’s a programmer at an outsourcing company for the Pokémon series and ended his leak by teasing that the team was working on it graphical improvements of scarlet and violetparticularly for new console models.

The alleged programmer would also have already revealed the launch window of this hypothetical Nintendo Switch 2, which would correspond exactly to that Start of the second DLC From scarlet and violetThat means until the end of 2023.

As is often the case with these leaks, there’s nothing we can do but invite you to take it all with the necessary precautions, especially considering the original source. However, the absolute accuracy of the reported information can only be taken into account by the leak: we will keep you informed if any official news in this regard arrives.

A leak that would confirm the rumors that have already surfaced in recent weeks when a key reporter suggested the console could go into production later this year.

In addition, even the CMA seems to have “confirmed” the existence of a new modelJudging by a redacted information about the availability of Switch Online.

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