June 25, 2024

New Xbox and Activision Blizzard green light pending trial


We’re still waiting to find out how the judge will respond to the Xbox-FTC lawsuit, but in the meantime a New green light for acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

As reported by VGC extensionalso the Competition Court of South Africathe one for the furnished entity South Africahas decided to agree «unconditionally» the takeover, i.e. without the need for corrective measures.

South Africa thus becomes 39. Country who decided to authorize the operation of the maxi-market, not believing that the threat of a monopoly on cloud gaming would arise due to Xbox Game Pass (you can find it). on Amazon) or owning franchises such as call of Duty.

The last green light was actually there in recent months from South Koreawhich in May was the 38th country to give its approval here as well without conditions.

The South African Institution has not yet disclosed the reasons This led to the approval of the acquisition of Xbox and Activision Blizzard, but is timely reporting.

In any case, there is a feeling that the crucial game is related to the dispute with the FTC: if the case goes in Microsoft’s favour, the takeover could be approved in the United States. resulting in a more likely closure soon.

Otherwise the deal could definitely fail: the Redmond house made it requested that the process take place as soon as possibleprecisely because there are deadlines that must be met, no matter what the outcome.

Curiously, the US FTC and UK CMA would not be the only antitrust authorities opposed to the operation: New Zealand has also raised many concerns, suggesting the same could express itself with a negative verdict.

Of course, among the main opponents of the agreement is Sony, Microsoft’s main competitor in video games: however, it seems that an attempt was made to reach an agreement. however rejected by Phil Spencer because of demanding requests.

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