May 18, 2024

Naughty Dog may have not one, but several multiplayer games in development


THE cheeky dog are currently working on several projects that have not yet been officially announced, although apparently There could be two multiplayer titles in development.

After the success of the second chapter of The last of us (You can find it at a reduced price At Amazon) the American development team seems ready to return to PS5 with many new titles.

Also true that after confirmation have “turned pages” against the saga of UnexploredHowever, Naughty Dog would have several games in the works.

About the, the multiplayer of The last of us It may not be the only title geared towards multiplayer currently in progress, according to a job advertisement.

As also reported by GameRantIn fact, a new job posting from Naughty Dog alludes to the possibility that the developer of The last of us is working on at least two multiplayer games.

The company is looking for an Associate Multiplayer Quality Assurance Tester/Development Support, but interestingly, this position is expected to be filled «Multiplayer Title»And so not just one.

The announcement also states that the QA tester will bring a high level of sensitivity and attention to detail «first independent multiplayer project» of the company, but it is also emphasized «Quality assurance/development support with a special focus on our multiplayer titles».

What titles are meant, only certain is that one of these titles is dedicated precisely to multiplayer The last of us and still without official title.

In short, the developer’s future is decidedly bright, including the fact that the team has been up and running for a few weeks has over 400 employees.

But that’s not all: Neil Druckmann recently stated that the company has no problem leaving the series behind The last of us, but only when there are no more stories to tell in this universe.

However, this has already been announced The Last of Us Part III would be in production at the American studiosomething fans certainly liked.

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