June 19, 2024

Let’s Go MediaWorld: the best technology at the lowest prices


The well-known electronics chain media world started the actionlet’s go‘ with a series of great offers regarding a wide range of products as smart phone, computer, Smart TVs, video games and so much more. This initiative is valid until March 22ndSo if you are interested in these products, I advise you to hurry up to make sure you buy the products at the desired price.

Among the different products offered today at a reduced price we find the Smart TV LG OLED 4K OLED55A26LAwhich you can currently take home with you To only €999.99compared to the usual list price of €1,699.99 for a real savings of 700 € is a 41.17% discount.

Smart TV LG OLED 4K OLED55A26LA is characterized by its high visual quality and offers brilliant colors and deep blacks. The Smart TV is equipped with a 55 inch OLED panel with over 8 million self-illuminating pixels that provide an exceptional viewing experience. Thanks to Fifth generation α9 processor with artificial intelligencethe image is constantly analyzed and optimized, making viewing even more intense.

Intertecan international organization specializing in testing and certification has certified the color accuracy of the Smart TV LG OLED 4K OLED55A26LA. This detection ensures that the colors reproduced on the screen are faithful to the original, thus providing an authentic and realistic viewing experience.

Let's Go Media World March 2023

The prices offered by Mediaworld are undoubtedly among the cheapest on the web and you will find many other reduced products in the “Let’s Go” initiative. We encourage you to visit the initiative page to discover all discounted products and access more information directly from the link below.

In addition, we remind you that every day we publish the best offers on the web on our website. Therefore, if you are looking for other options, we recommend that you consult them our offers section so you don’t miss any savings.

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