May 20, 2024

LEGO Zelda is a dream, but maybe it could come true


The Legend of Zelda is one of the Nintendo sagas most loved by gamers, although it seems the series could soon be turned into building blocks LEGO.

Considering the wait Tears of the Kingdomthis is the continuation of the open world for Nintendo Switch that you can restore on Amazon At a very attractive price, fans know what to expect.

Now while some fans have dabbled in the transformation BOT extension in a next-gen 8K title with lots of ray tracing in tow, connections could actually turn into a LEGO set.

Months ago, come on LEGO ideas a really amazing project had appeared, that is a LEGO version of Hyrule Castle seen in Zelda breath of the wildbut now the sentence chosen could be completely different.

As also reported by MNNIn fact, a LEGO marketing survey suggests the company could be working on the set of zelda Dedicated to the Great Deku Tree.

It seems that LEGO may not only be collaborating with Nintendo for the franchise Super Mario Bros.: a reader of a website devoted to bricks – Promo Stones – has recently took part in a marketing survey associated with the company’s products

The survey covered a range of LEGO sets related to entertainment franchises and actual one of the sets that might find its way into retail it is the very one related to the Great Deku Tree.

The character debuted in the popular Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It should be noted that these sets have not yet been confirmed by The LEGO Group or Nintendo. We will keep you informed.

Staying on topic, you saw too the beautiful LEGO version of Sonic the Hedgehogthis time officially and accessible to everyone?

But not only that: speaking of strange creations, Someone imagined a live-action Netflix series dedicated zeldawith actor Tom Holland as Knights of hyrule.

But that’s not all: another fan of the Nintendo fantasy saga decided to draw attention to a really strange question: How has Link changed in 36 years The Legend of Zelda?

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