June 25, 2024

“It would never have been a great movie”


The first season of the series HBO Extension At The last of us is still ongoing, although now some curiosities about the movie never bornedited by Sam Raimi.

The series tells the story of the video game (which you can relive At Amazon at really interesting prices), in nine episodes full of pathos.

In our review we have explained that “With The Last of Us, HBO has brought home the perfect series among those inspired by a video game, without neglecting the fact that even those who have never heard of Joel and Ellie before are stunned by a show of rare beauty .”

Well, as also reported by The playeran actor from The last of us explained that Raimi’s version it wasn’t going to be a great movie.

The last of us by HBO has become one of the most important shows in the history of the network, albeit in an alternate universe live-action adaptation it wouldn’t have been a TV series, it would have been a movie.

According to the actor Jeffrey Piercewho played Tommy on the video game and on the HBO show perryKansas City Police Officer. Pierce spoke recently EW the cinematic revision of the game, idea that in the end it was discarded.

Pierce recalls attending a company-sponsored meeting Sony screen jewelswho developed the film adaptation with director and producer Sam Raimi.

The actor read for the film the same role he plays in the game, which is Joel’s brother, and admitted the whole thing it wouldn’t have done Neil Druckmann’s story justice.

“As good as it is, it would never have been a great film”explained Pierce EW. “In a period of two hours How do you tell 14 or 17 hours of history?».

The actor also revealed that one was being spoken to «Motion Capture Animated Film Series»but even that didn’t seem like the best direction, according to Pierce.

“The moment I found out that Neil and Craig [Mazin] they had lunch together – I had just seen Chernobyl in a hotel room in Vancouver or something and was shocked by this historic event – I knew that the two would create something practically perfect»said the actor.

Staying on topic, the TV series from TLOU required for the bloater that appeared in the fifth episode the use of a two meter tall stuntman.

Speaking of the HBO show again, model Adrianne Curry has decided to step back from social media indefinitely after criticism of an actress by The last of us.

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