June 25, 2024

Infinity Strash Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai | Review – Not really


So much and more than other Square Enix franchises, Dragon Quest has generated one over the years Abundance of spin-offs of various kinds, from role-playing games à la Pokémon to musou-like, through linked action titles Find items and treasures.

Just like the main series, the quality of these products has always remained at a good level despite some physiological fluctuations, testifying to the Japanese software house’s love for one of its oldest and best-known brands.

Despite an unpronounceable title like Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Daiwe trusted the last member of this long list and relied on the quality standards expressed so far, but were still terribly disappointed.

Let’s find out together why.

Amnesiac Protagonist, Volume 13762

We could have missed a protagonist suffer from amnesia in a product from the Land of the Rising Sun? Of course not, and indeed Dai, the protagonist of Infinity Strashhas great difficulty recovering the memory fragments, each of which shows the player static scenes (we will return to this aspect later) taken directly from one of the over forty episodes of the original animequite well known in Japan, but we believe it is unknown to many of our readers.

It’s about an anime series, which in turn comes from a manga loosely inspired by the world of Dragon Questcertainly popular around the world, but particularly popular in his home country, where he has always looked down on even the most popular franchises in the West such as the various Final Fantasy And Star Ocean.

As newbies to the anime series ourselves, we have to admit what it was like has done a good job breaking down all barriers to entrysince the narrative is rather simple in its unfolding, requires no prior knowledge Details on the player’s side, and we assume that it may instead be redundant for those who have already read it elsewhere.

Given the short duration in total, The characters don’t have much time to grow up and take a place in the sun, but the story of growth and friendship at the grassroots level, while extremely familiar – especially in the context of Japanese productions – is innocuous if not the least bit interesting.

In short, as you can see from the rating at the end of this review, the problems of Infinity Strash they are somewhere elseand even if the plot doesn’t surprise anyone, At least it doesn’t cause any damage.

Good for everyone, suitable for no one

The impression of a production for everyone who wants to appeal to the widest possible audience is immediately confirmed by the speed of the tutorials and the immediacy of the first arguments, which unfortunately represent everything the title has to offer.

Nothing is simpler than the combat system, halfway between a musou and a production for devices Cell phone, cell phonewhere there is a lack of strategy, complex movements and flashes that could elevate the fights from the simple Press a button alternated with the parry or dodge button depending on your taste.

In less than an hour, you’ve already seen everything the combat system has to offer.

In addition to the health bar, as is an extremely generous tradition with almost all bosses, there is also one Fraction theorywhich guarantees a window without damage amazed opponents to its filling.

Add to this the spectacular special attack, complete with an unskippable animation that is always the same, and in less than an hour you will have seen everything the combat system has to offer, with the painful note that these mechanics, Bei very briefly, they must be spread over the entire duration of the adventure, which can vary between ten and fifteen hours Depending on your level of knowledge and the amount of secondary content you enjoy.

It seems obviousTherefore, this is the strongest monster (not to mention unbeatable) Poor Dai will face repetitionand the only weapon that could turn the tide in this unequal conflict could be a “hit and run” operation Infinity StrashDon’t spend more than half an hour on it during the day in your free time – not an easy task in the PS5 version we tested.

The challenge level is almost zero: Despite the softness of the default level (which is the default level when starting a new game), Square Enix has also added a story mode that makes things even easier, requiring minimal input and very little effort on the part of the player Players are required.

Accessibility is fine, but if you don’t even have to put in any effort to progress, that’s it The entire experience is reduced to mechanical and hectic button pressingconsistent with the geological era of the very first Musoufrom which Omega Force itself, masters of the genre, has long distanced itself.

Not even the level design arrivedof a truly unsettling flatness: the arenas are an unbroken succession of larger rooms and infinite corridors, without any verticality and without any kind of exploration ever being encouraged (not to say possible), with plastic and absolutely non-interactive scenarios.

Given this situation, you can also find positive ones, such as: Memories are unlocked throughout the main adventure for you to equip adjustas far as possible, Your structurethey lose value.

Aside from the collecting frenzy, whether you wear one that guarantees greater magical power or another that protects you from physical attacks, the outcome of the battles and even more so the gameplay leading up to them will not change in the slightest.

The only real benefit then is to extend the gaming experience optional missions for those who wanted to try it, because also the splash of Roguelite As a gift from the Temple of Memories, a series of interconnected rooms where you always start with the first level is not enough to vary the gaming experience.

Unfortunately, when weighing up the disadvantages, one more thing has to be added Minimap almost useless and a Rooms not always up to date in the most intense battles, which put additional strain on the game phases.

At least nice to look at

At least, although that doesn’t save him from inadequacy, Infinity Strash He defends well on a purely technical level: Thanks to the clever use of cel shading, which helps to smooth out the corners and make even fairly simple polygon models appear visually appealing, The first glance is positiveand with that also the Performanceanother aspect that should not be underestimated in action titles like this.

At least the first look is positive and so is the performance on the PS5.

Not that there’s a lack of sporadic drops in frame rate compared to the standard set by the development team, but none of them ever stopped us from landing a blow or bringing about our untimely defeat – and probably a few targeted patches will be enough to do the trick to eliminate them completely.

Our tests were all carried out on PlayStation 5mostly before the first patch, but it seemed to us that the patch released at the same time as the game didn’t change the quality of performance too much.

The audio section is also decentwith the vast majority of dialogue dubbed (with the possibility of selecting both Japanese and English) and discreet acting performances, albeit extremely exaggerated, in keeping with the themes and spirit of the original production from which the video game is inspired.

Against this background then applies The decision to advance the main story with lengthy static cutscenes without animation seems even more incomprehensiblei, which, despite the pleasant artistic style and the utmost fidelity to the source material, return the unpleasant feeling of “I want to, but I can’t.”

In fact, the sporadic animation scenes have a completely different effect and one wonders why the developers chose this bland and hasty solution.

Given what we’ve seen so far, The price charged at launch seems disproportionate, even compared to the overall lifespan and lack of replay value: Production values ​​and mechanics, which are more reminiscent of mobile gaming in their depth, do not justify the previously required 60 euros for the download, as there is no physical version in the West. Simply, Infinity Strash It doesn’t fit into a work that can present itself in this price range on its debut.

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