May 20, 2024

Horizon, the series continues with Aloy’s Next Adventure


It’s been released for a few days the first DLC dedicated Horizon forbidden westThat means Burning ShoresAvailable exclusively on PlayStation 5 consoles.

Players who enjoyed Aloy’s latest adventure can find you At Amazon They couldn’t wait to get their hands on the additional downloadable content.

the DLCs, that skipped the PS4 generation In any case, it seems to have got fans to agree.

Well, after it turns out that a certain detail of the story decided to do it reach out to the LGBTQ+ communityit’s already time to think about it next chapter.

Is already the end of Burning Shores he left the door open to a possible horizon 3another confirmation seems to have arrived.

As also reported by GamesRadarGuerrilla Games teased the future of the series by revealing that “Aloy’s Next Adventure” It is a «exciting online project» I’m coming.

On April 24, Guerrilla Games announced that the studio’s director Angie Smets he would leave the company after 20 years. for a new role at PlayStation Studios.

The company’s announcement revealed that new studio heads (including Joel Eschler, Hella Schmidt and Jan Bart van Beek) «will lead Guerrilla into a bright future and expand the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure and our exciting online project».

While not specifically mentioning what Aloy’s next adventure will be about, the statement strives to distinguish that project from the online project that seems to be a nod to the Rumor MMO From horizonborn – apparently – between Sony’s collaboration with the South Korean studio NCSoft.

It’s possible that Aloy’s next story adventure may actually be un real third part of the franchise From horizon. If so, we probably won’t see an official announcement for a few years, as the PSVR 2 spin-off also only came out a few months ago. Horizon call of the mountain (Did you read our review?).

Let’s stay on topic, the rendering of the clouds of the new DLC by Horizon forbidden west gets a lot of acclaim from the fans.

Speaking of little things, you saw what a fan made a 2D version of Aloy’s adventures really charming?

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