May 27, 2024

Harley Quinn is about to return, but not in the Suicide Squad game


Gotham Knights possibly already decided to prepare the ground for possible forthcoming DLCs, ready to propose new challenges to the Knights of the City of Batman.

The latest project from WB Games Montréal has been available for several weeks (you can find it on sale At Amazon) and the developers continue to support it to improve the gaming experience as much as possible.

And if the Suicide Squad game is a long time comingapparently it’s time to take up the adventure of Robin & Co.

As also reported by power suppliesIn fact, WB Games Montreal is planning new downloadable content for Gotham Knights.

The DLC is said to specifically affect three villains in the game Harley Quinn, Mr Freeze and Clayface.

At least that’s according to a profile published by Batman Arkham Videos that shows a list of goals for the new DLC.

The screen you find above also seems to confirm new criminals, among other things according to a teaser published by the account Twitter From Gotham Knights which showed all three villains sitting at a table together.

We just have to wait for the usual official confirmation from the development team, which shouldn’t be long in coming. We will keep you informed.

Speaking of Harley Quinn and Co., Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League you definitely get it a prequel comic serieswhich isn’t too bad.

But that’s not all: the Rocksteady game was in fact recently classified in Singapore, and from what appears from the information released so far, it’s going to be a high-violence game.

Finally, Jez Corden from Windows headquarters recently revealed that part of the reason for the delay of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League and the Revision or even removal of the “always online” component.

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