May 20, 2024

Grand Theft Auto reaches another milestone (Waiting for GTA 6)


Out of GTA 6 from Rockstar Games and Take-Two not even the shadow, but apparently GTA V He continued to accumulate achievements over the months until he achieved another surprising goal.

The classic in question (of which you can find the next-gen edition). At Amazon) certainly has several years under its belt, but apparently still has a lot to say.

Finally, Grand Theft Auto V may appear even more beautiful than it actually is, Thanks to some modswhich shows how much it is appreciated by the community.

As also reported by GameRantTake-Two Interactive announced that the series Grand Theft Auto has exceeded 400 million copies sold during its final quarter.

As usual, this umpteenth milestone for the franchise was achieved largely thanks to the continued success of the latest installment Grand Theft Auto V keep stealing.

Just three days after release, the game had already grossed over $1 billion in retail sales. About four years later GTA V It became the highest-grossing entertainment product of all time and continued to break records an admirable performance so far.

Take-Two’s financial report for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023 further illustrates this achievement and reveals that the fifth GTA As of March 31, 180 million copies had been soldand thus accounted for almost half of the sales of the entire series.

It’s about five million copies more sold compared to the previous quarter. Take-Two’s latest financials also highlighted the one-year anniversary of its membership at GTA+ For GTA Online, calling the subscription service a success. However, the company did not give specific figures.

To stay on topic, the start of Grand Theft Auto VI expected by the end of March 2025, according to a new tip that came from Take-Two.

While awaiting confirmation, we remind you that this has been the case for the last few weeks An alleged screen of the game has appeared online which really blew the fans away.

Finally, a social media post by Bryan Zampella shows the actor in the Hawaiian shirt: There are many who think it is an indication GTA 6.

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