May 20, 2024

Gran Turismo 7 is updated again with mysterious cars


Polyphony’s racing game keeps adding cars to its already impressive fleet, but the next cars out Gran Turismo 7 were announced with Secret.

One of the titles (You will find it on Amazon) that they beautified PlayStation 5 Adds prestige to its lineup over the years, which continues to be endorsed frequently.

And which, with the support of now, also takes on another nuance Playstation VR2 The, Despite initial concernshas given the right shine Gran Turismo 7.

Waiting for the viewer PlayStation 5 can be used on PC somehow since now You can use it, but it’s not next-gen at all.

Gran Turismo 7 it will be updated again but as you can see, this time it’s big Secret for new cars.

And it’s weird because normally as for updatesthe development team doesn’t shy away from revealing the cars that players can unlock.

But this time Kazunori Yamauchi, patron saint of Gran Turismo 7He wanted to be mysterious about the five new cars.

As you can see in this mysterious post by Twitter:

From this tweet, players have obviously tried it before Find out in which five cars they will come Gran Turismo 7.

For some fans among these, there is one Mazda 3, whose paintwork was created thanks to a small photo editing of the photo. Among the other names unearthed by automotive experts, one also crops up Panamera sport touring It is a’Audi RS5 DTM from 2019.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to find out what will be the five cars that will come into play because Yamauchi has confirmed that the update will be included in the game next week.

Another secret is about to be revealed, so after another moment where Yamauchi felt more mysterious than usual.

Who knows how these cars will work when they will be supported by the new AIwho made the game much more difficult than usual.

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