May 25, 2024

Genshin Impact free clone is also available for PS5


Hotta Studio has finally released the console version PS5 From tower of fantasyFree to play, originally released for PC and mobile devices only.

The title had immediately caught the attention of fans due to its similarities Genshin Impact (You will find many gadgets like this At Amazon).

Such striking similarities that made it impossible for us not to underline them as well in our preview (where we defined them “On the Verge of Plagiarism”).

Now, after the official announcement a few weeks agostarting today – August 8, 2023 – tower of fantasy And also available on PlayStation home console.

Perfect World Games has released a new trailer for the game (see above), which highlights the game’s features on PS5 such as: Support for 4K, 120 fps and DualSense features.

The official description on the PS Store reads:

Tower of Fantasy is a free open-world multiplayer role-playing game with stunning graphics, exciting exploration, and an immersive storyline.

Together with your companions, you will adventure and fight as wanderers from Aida, which is being hit by a catastrophic energy crisis. Discover the truths that lie behind the veil of conspiracies in Tower of Fantasy!

Humanity has been plunged into a deep crisis by the omnium on which it depends. The story is about cutting-edge technology and saving humanity. Can the planet be reborn in this wasteland? Can this world be saved? Or is it approaching the apocalypse? Now everything depends on you!

Tower of Fantasy is available today for free on PS4 and PS5. A few weeks ago the developers tried to deny having “copied”. Genshin Impactand emphasized this tower of fantasy has its own strong identity.

However, a few moments of gameplay will be enough to notice the strong inspirations of the HoYoverse title. although the developers disagree.

This without forgetting the success of another production by the same development team: Honkai StarRail In fact, he’s already made over $100 million less than a month after launch.

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