May 27, 2024

GameStop USA is canceling Resident Evil 4 Remake Collector’s Edition pre-orders


Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the most awaited titles of March, although now it’s the turn of news that won’t make the American players who pre-ordered too happy the Collector’s Edition by gamestop.

The remake of the fourth episode of the survival horror series (which you can find At Amazon at an attractive price) is indeed one of the most sought-after games of the month, so much so that the hype is really evenly matched.

After all, the remake of RE4 will remain very faithful to the game originally released on the GameCube console but with a large number of new features, as we explained to you in our preview.

Now, I’m looking forward to the new Capcom Showcase in which further news is revealed, the well-known US retail chain seems to have reserved itself a nasty surprise for his customers.

As also reported by Playstation lifestylethe pre-orders of the Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil 4 Remake have been canceled according to reports from multiple GameStop USA sources.

There seems to be some confusion as to which pre-orders were actually cancelled, with some players arguing that the issue could be related Stock orders only.

As originally reported by the user Twitter Wario64, GameStop reportedly issued an internal memo to staff asking them to cancel all in-store Collector’s Edition pre-orders because No stock will arrive in stores.

The note mentions nothing about online orders, leave players in the dark about the fate of their pre-orders. According to Wario64, the note directs staff to let customers know they can pre-order something else, get store credit, or get a full refund.

According to user Twitter RuleTimeSpace, GameStop told a source that ordering online should be safe, but that Stocks may be limited. At the moment the problem does not seem to affect the Italian market, only the US market.

Find out where to buy it Resident Evil 4 Remake at the best prices available on the market and receive it at home for the first day.

But that’s not all: an interactive page about the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4Eagle baby is missing‘ describes the events leading up to the main story of the game.

Finally, we remind you Resident Evil 4 Remake will receive a special downloadable demo very soon free of players, in just a few hours.

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