June 19, 2024

For Easter, PlayStation Plus is offering an additional free surprise game


A bonus and small gift is never turned down, especially on Easter day when we might all be trying to settle down and relax. So you’ll be glad to know PlayStationPlus surprisingly added another title to his library Games included in subscriptionwithout having to pay a single euro more for it.

However, the title is quite interesting for lovers of the classics: it is actually about that anodynean adventure frankly inspired by the great 16-bit classics like the legendary ones The Legend of Zelda.

«In this unique Zelda style game They explore the urban, natural and abstract realms of the protagonist Young’s subconscious. The 16-bit graphic style and the melancholic soundtrack contribute to the surreal, dreamlike and grotesque atmosphere of this title» wrote developers Melos Han-Tani and Marina Kittaka to present their work.

Available on PS Plus for PS4 (but you can play it peacefully on PS5 in backwards compatibility), the game is accessible PlayStation Plus Extra tier members and above (You can subscribe on Amazon): Therefore, Premium users can also play, but not those who only have an Essential tier subscription.

If you too are still confused by the three tiers of the Plus subscription, let’s summarize them as follows: the tier essential It gives you access to online gaming services, some exclusive discounts, and a few monthly games that you can redeem to link to your account (like the old Plus).

The level Extra Add to that a library of on-demand games that can be launched and played between PS4 and PS5 titles at will. Finally the level bonus add all these games from the libraries of the old PlayStations and the possibility to run some of them in the cloud without having to download them; Finally, it also offers free timed trial versions of games such as: Horizon: Forbidden West.

You can learn more about PlayStation Plus by getting direct advice our dedicated guide.

If you are interested anodynebut you can learn (and download) everything you need to know directly. in the PlayStation Store. And a lot of fun!

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