June 19, 2024

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth needs to surpass a popular feature from FF XII for Square Enix


I look forward to seeing it in action again Final Fantasy VII RebirthSquare Enix developers took the opportunity to never want to hide all theirs ambition for the production of the second adventure of Cloud Strife and friends.

The sequel to FF VII remake (what you find on Amazon), like the sixteenth chapter of the saga, has officially abandoned the turn-based RPG structure to take on a nature much more action-orientedwhich modernizes the historical saga.

A change that we were also able to think about recently in our specialbut that doesn’t mean Square Enix wants to hinder those who want a more relaxed gaming experience: the Battle Lead Programmer In fact, he underscored his desire for the sequel to Remake and referred to it one of the most popular mechanics of Final Fantasy XIII.

press square in fact, it picks up on an interesting statement Saturu Koyama in the Japanese guide of Final Fantasy VII Remaketranslated from the Twitter account Archaeological Department of Shinra and that reveals all the ambition of Rebirth: the combat mechanics must actually overcome the famous ones gambit From FF XII.

For those who don’t remember, the Gambit system was an advanced mechanic for the Artificial Intelligence Managementallowing you to program each specific behavior of your companions in each situation, eliminating the need to worry about constantly managing each character manually.

A particularly complex mechanic that is still remembered today one of the best systems in the entire franchisebut what Final Fantasy VII Rebirth must be able to be overcome:

“I would like to develop an AI that can handle a variety of abilities and spells. My wish is to bypass the Gambit system Final Fantasy XIII.

I’d also like to focus more energy on some aspects that support player control, such as the classic mode where characters fight automatically. I think it’s a shame when people can’t play a game that interests them just because they’re not good enough in action-oriented mechanics».

In short, for a truly memorable sequel to come out, rebirth must be able to not only get people to stop regretting the Gambit system, but also offer options that allow players to do so to take the time he needs and plan the actions better even during the fight.

We’ll see if Square Enix actually carries out its intention in the full game: for now, there’s nothing else we can do Fingers crossed and wait to check the continuation of Make new back in action.

An expectation after the last words of the editor it might even be longer than expectedalthough the title is still technically slated for a late 2023 release.

In any case, these statements, which we have reported to you, also seem to confirm the willingness to submit Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a very accessible chapter, also suitable for those who are not ready yet Make new or for those who want to play it as the first chapter of the saga.

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