May 25, 2024

Fallout 5 is far away, but someone imagined it


Fallout 5 will be one of Bethesda’s next flagship games, even if release is not imminent.

The sequel to Fallout 4 (which you can find in the version GOTY At Amazon) was actually confirmed some time ago.

Todd Howard announced it straight awayis currently working on it with the entire team Starfieldthe new science fiction role-playing game that has been available for a few days.

Now there are fans too I’m waiting for the Amazon TV seriessomeone had thought it good to breathe life into it a concept trailer From Fallout 5 really surprising.

As also reported by GamingBibleIn fact, Enfant Terrible co-created a trailer Unreal Engine 5visible directly below.

As we know, Bethesda uses its own graphics engine Creation machinebut nothing rules that out for the next one Stand out Developers cannot choose the Epic engine.

Regardless, fans are clearly excited about this concept. “Brother, this is absolutely beautiful! If there is a Fallout 5, we can only pray that it is at least half as good as this one.”wrote one user in the comments. “You were absolutely incredible for making this happen. Compliment”.

Another added: “It’s truly one of the most impressive fan-made things I’ve ever seen. Bethesda owes you a big check for this!”

The hope is that the “true” Fallout 5 Get as close as you can to this simple fan-made trailer in the hopes that Bethesda will do their best when the time comes. We will see.

Finally, Fallout 4 It is still a very appreciated game today, so much so that someone has decided to revive the classic through development to play even more smoothly.

Finally, the very good DigitalDreams shared a video showing them a few months ago Fallout 4 with over 300 mods and reshade ray tracing, for a truly incredible result.

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