May 20, 2024

Enotria, the Italian soulslike, will skip 2023 (but the demo is coming soon)


Jyamma Games, an independent Milanese software house, is working on Enotria The Last Song, a very special new soulslike.

Inspired by games like dark souls (what you find on Amazon at a very low price) it is a project that fits perfectly in an all-Italian environment.

On the pages of SpazioGames We already told you about the game a few months ago after seeing it in absolute preview thanks to an invitation from the developers.

However, now there are important news about the game, including a launch window and an exclusive demo Arriving at PAX East 2023.

Street press releasethat has been confirmed Enotria The Last Songthe soulful action-RPG developed by Jyamma Games, presents its Alpha Unreal Engine 4 demos at PAX East 2023.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the sun-drenched world of Enotria and experience its unique game mechanics firsthand.

Inspired by Italian folklore and mysteries, enotry is a soul-like experience that invites players to don masks and wield the Force zealto unravel the mysteries of a country stuck in an endless loop.

“We are very excited to present Enotria The Last Song at PAX East 2023 and give attendees a glimpse into our Italian folk inspired world.”said Giacomo Greco, Founder and CEO of Jyamma Games.

It still is: “We can’t wait for players to experience and immerse themselves in our unique game mechanics beautiful world».

Stoyan Stoyanov, director of the game, shared this goal enotry is that from Capture the heart and soul of soulslikewith rewarding exploration, diverse player builds, and varied enemy designs.

The addition of Ardor as a gameplay mechanic will allow players to dynamically alter the world around them, solving puzzles and exploiting elements in a systemic way a new interpretation of the genre.

Finally this has been confirmed Enotria The last song will be released in 2024 on PC and latest generation consoles, namely PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Staying on topic, Euclidean Studios has announced a new Soulslike heavily inspired by dark souls, called Nazralath: The fallen world.

But that’s not all: we recently tried to introduce ourselves 7 boss fights we’d love to see Elden Ring Shadow of the Earth Treecapable of further expanding the soullike lore.

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