May 27, 2024

Elden Ring, New Patch Now Available: Here’s what’s changing


The latest official update of is now available elden ringa game that seems to continue to receive patches with some frequency.

There Patch 1.09 From elden ring (you find it on Amazon) has indeed implemented numerous changes to the arms balance, and more.

A particularly interesting update not only for the introduction of ray tracingbut also and above all for the introduction of a procedure for easily overcome the legendary boss of the Malenia Interregnum.

Well, as also reported by Dual Shockerit’s time to a new patch, namely 1.09.1aimed at solving some specific problems.

A new hot fixes For elden ring was released today on all supported platforms, bringing the game to version 1.09.1.

This new patch fixes a number of bugs as well as offering the players a solution to solve a problem that Turn on ray tracing in the game without the players wanting it.

According to FromSoftware, players experiencing performance issues after turning on ray tracing should check their hardware meets the minimum system requirements.

Added ray tracing elden ring with the latest and most important update released late last month. Besides fixing bugs, the new update also introduces some game balance changesincluding a damage reduction for the Cursed Blood Slice ability.

Of course, this patch will not spoil the fun for fans who want to test their skills, as this demonstrates a streamer that hits bosses with one finger.

But that is not all: First person souls It’s a complete conversion of the game This brings first-person gameplay to the FromSoftware game.

After all, always and only on the pages of SpazioGames We recently found out which boss fights we would like to see as part of the expansion of elden ringreally worth reading.

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