May 18, 2024

Elden Ring, an invading player kills two more… with a flashlight


to be penetrated elden ring, if you’re nice to go about your own business, it’s very, very annoying. However, many players enjoy the mechanics PvP of the masterpiece of By softwareand they continue to roam the interregnum looking for players to invade and challenge to test their builds not just against AI-controlled enemies.

Here if, like me, you hate it when someone walks into you and attacks you – but most importantly, I remember one instance where it happened to me In bloodbornewhich I stayed halfway between swearing and laughing at – imagine someone entering you, attacking you and kill you with a flashlight. Not just any flashlight, okay, la Torch of St. Trinabut the substance does not change.

As shown by a gameplay video shared on Reddit (Thanks, GameRant), a player has chosen to confront others by penetrating them and unleashing them as a weapon, just this flashlight. With his strategy, he managed to eliminate two opponents. As you’ll see by watching the video, the player in question dodges enemy shots very quickly and knows how to maneuver himself through the menus very well to select everything he needs in real time.

The result is that despite the resistance of the opponents with weapons far wider than St. Trina’s torch, in the end the invader was victorious. The video was shared by KingOfEthanopia, who wrote ironically “I can’t stand invaders, they only use overpowered gear!”.

Of course, it has to be said that the Torch of St. Trina is an excellent idea for anyone looking to build a build that focuses on it skill come on wedding ring. In addition, it also allows you inflict sleep to your opponents, so it can also be used to incapacitate them and then attack them with something… more substantial, so to speak.

It’s not the first absurd performance we’ve seen elden ring (what you find on Amazon): Some time ago we told you about the player who challenged (and beat). two bosses at the same time.

In the last few days, after selling 20 million copies, it has also been confirmed the arrival of the first DLC shadow of the earth tree, which we look forward to learning more about. In the meantime, our Silvio Mazzitelli has put together some tips lore and expectations to give you a list 7 boss fights we’d love to see in the DLC.

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