June 19, 2024

eFootball 2023 Season 5 is here: Here’s the news


As announced in the last few weeks, Konami started today Season 5 of eFootball 2023dubbed the “European Showdown”.

The free-to-play rival of FIFA 23 (which you will find instead At Amazon) continue to consider the suggestions and the Return message the community, which will continue to happen in the coming months.

Finally, after the announcement of the latest April updateFans were preparing for the news of the fifth official season of football simulator.

As posted above official pageIn fact, many surprises await virtual footballers.

first and soccer world Periodically, “Seasons” will be introduced with many new player types to create a more immersive environment.

The types Epic and Featured They put some of the best players in the spotlight and allow for an even more unique team building experience.

Trending Players, on the other hand, now reflect the excellence of the greatest champions in real-world games, and themed events are also available.

In eFootball Clubs that have become champions of their league through a special promotion are celebrated. Also since May 18th The 6th anniversary of the mobile version is celebrated From eFootball with a themed campaign.

As for the expected special player lists, D. Seaman, K. Rummenigge and other champions who have achieved excellent results in the national championships will appear in the Epic version, while P. Mertesacker, J. Wilshere and other legends of the game will be available as Big Time players.

As for featured players to interact with Targeted contracts and blind dealsyou can add players who have achieved outstanding results at the end of the season or the stars of the clubs to the squad.

In addition, players can use the new player ability “Crucial assists” are introduced as Show Time players. To help you further strengthen your squad, all match passes have been updated and you can take advantage of those as well eFootball Coins to unlock Extra Game Pass and Premium Game Pass.

Speaking of football: UFLthe new ambitious soccer game is officially on display again with a new official video with the developers.

But that’s not all: if you have more than 100 users in your PlayStation 5 friends list, You may have problems with this FIFA 23.

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