June 25, 2024

Diablo 4, streamer loses 173 hours of progress due to an “unfair” bug


diablo 4 arrived a few days ago, but apparently several players have already spent hundreds of hours in Blizzard’s new and addictive ARPG.

The continuation of Diablo 3 (Find the Eternal Collection At Amazon) actually had a really surprising number of users straight away.

In our game review video In fact, we have explained it to you clearly “The search for the daughter of hate, the mother of Sanctuary, is a unique and compelling adventure that will delight both long-time fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.”

If recently streamer He wasted 24 hours of gaming fun to fall asleep, to another fan something much worse has happened.

As also reported by gaming bibleanother player 173 hours of game progress lost due to what appears to be an “unfair” error.

Check out Diablo IV in action below.

The “Quin69” streamer worked hard to level up but was apparently killed by what he himself dubs “Quin69”.The most unfair mistake in Diablo 4».

The streamer explained: “Bro, I’ve run out of the damn card. That’s nonsense. On the loading screen My character died».

Quin69 further clarified that he died in a loading screen when he moved to town while in an invulnerability zone, adding that Blizzard should do so “Fix the game”.

The streamer had caught up 100% of the campaign and was in an impressive spot Level 91only nine levels below the coveted 100. The save was spot on of 172 hours and 50 minutes and with 71,087,522 gold.

Blizzard has yet to respond to the incident, so we don’t know if it can “revive” the streamer’s character (let’s hope so for him).

Staying on topic, days ago a player from diablo 4 has already reached level 100 in hardcore mode a few days after its release only to lose everything.

In addition, the publisher decided a few days ago to unleash cinematic storytelling with the new trailer shot by director Chloé Zhao.

Finally, General Manager Rod Fergusson confirmed a few days ago that the study is already working not one, but two extensions per diablo 4.

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