May 25, 2024

Cyberpunk 2077, new story missions available for free thanks to the fans


phantom freedomthe next extension of Cyberpunk 2077is about to arrive, but apparently fans of the CD Project RED game have found a way to kill time.

The title (which you will find At Amazon) was indeed the focus of mods of all kinds and was often able to extend the original work.

Finally, Cyberpunk 2077 he finally made it a “Very Positive” rating on Steamgiving him greater visibility.

Well, as also reported about it gaming biblesome modders have decided to give life to a not-one, but three new missions from the main story of the game.

Fan-crafted fit totally freethrough NexusModsthese are: Californication, another light and hot fuzz.

It won’t be the deepest or longest missions you’ve ever played, but it does include some additional interactions with some fan-favorite characters, such as: judy (which allows you to create a love story, more than necessary to play the quests above).

If you’re thinking about it, you can download the three free fan missions here Here, Here And Here.

Let’s keep that in mind for those who don’t know phantom freedom will only be available on PC, PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. Still talking about the upcoming expansion, this one will see Idris Elba as Solomon Reedan FIA agent working for the so-called new United States of America.

But that is not all: Cyberpunk 2077 has recently received a new mod that thanks to the OpenAI libraries making CD Projekt RED’s title even more sci-fi.

After all, it was also recently unveiled Cyberpunk 2077 XOXOa comic book mini-series officially announced by Dark Horse, to be released from October next year (Take a look now).

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