June 25, 2024

Bloodborne, do the bosses fuck you up? Some people beat them in seconds


bloodborne is one of the most popular pearls of soulful fans, which they often and gladly discover for years Treats and Curiosities on the game and then publish them on the web.

The game developed by BySoftware (what you find At Amazon at a really low price) is indeed one of the most important souls of the past PlayStation generation and beyond.

What if the dream of the fans remains one Bloodborne Remasteredmany players are content to dust off the classic chapter in order to thrive in ventures that define epic as an understatement.

The well-known Lance McDonald recently discovered some new ones cut content from the final version of bloodbornea player – apparently Italian – he hit Amygdala in seconds and without taking a single damage.

Attention: From now on there will be spoilers for the game and the bosses, so read on at your own risk.

Street RedditMattyx008 did that very well a truly epic achievementthat is, defeating the powerful amygdala in a very short time.

For the uninitiated, Amygdala is a magnificent being present in various realms bloodborne. It is located in the Oedon Chapel and the Mausoleum, both in Cathedral Ward, in the city Yharnam.

The boss is also near the Forbidden Woods e Byrgenwerthwhile it’s also possible to come across several sculptures reminiscent of its terrifying properties.

Amygdala 1 Combo
from u/Mattyx008 In blood borne

Just above, we can admire how the player in question puts in effort a handful of seconds to bring it down rings a series of really perfect repetitive shots.

While the text on the screen refers to the Italian version of the gameMattyx008 himself might be a local fan of the From title.

Let’s stay on topic lies of P is the soul inspired by bloodborne who seems to have everything to make ithoping for a qualitative level worthy of attention.

But not only that: the madman Bloodborne card has returned to show himself recently, this time with the Father Gascoigne boss fight, one of the most famous and popular.

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