June 25, 2024

Baldur’s Gate 3 revealed the mystery character’s identity


As you know by now, the PC version of Baldur’s Gate 3 has been available for a few days, although players continue to discover Goodies and curios related to the game.

The third chapter of the historical RPG saga, so beautiful that you can find it too At Amazondid not disappoint expectations.

In the our review of the game We have clearly explained to you that it is a product “sometimes epochal, considered more for the sum of its parts than for each of its elements individually”.

Now, one fan has opted for a decidedly unique accomplishment, viz Kill every NPC in the gamesomeone else revealed the identity of the most mysterious character of BG3.

Attention: from now on you will follow spoiler on some characters in the game. The procedure is at your own risk.

As also reported by GameRantIn Baldur’s Gate 3 There is an undead NPC named witherswho has powerful abilities like reviving dead party members and changing character classes.

While players can question him throughout the game to better understand who or what he is, he remains mute and upset, however a post-credits scene After a few endings, he may be able to answer why he’s so strong.

Withers is actually possibly connected to the forgotten god of death. Jergalas suggested by his location in the catacombs and his mocking remarks about the Three Dead.

Jergal is a god of death Dungeons and Dragonswhose cult fell into disuse as the Three Dead grew in prominence, and is first mentioned in the catacombs where the player finds him.

Withers’ resurrection abilities are the most powerful in the game, which suggests that a close connection to the gods or a possible affiliation with them.

The post-credits scene actually shows that he at least knows what the gods notice, suggesting that he is in some way closely related to them.

We remember that Baldur’s Gate 3 will also be released on the Microsoft console in the coming months, and Larian appears to be doing the same convinced to solve not indifferent technical problems.

But not only: the developers of Larian published the system requirements to find out if your PC runs the game smoothly.

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