June 25, 2024

A PlayStation Plus game from February gets fans talking


The new February free spins for have been confirmed for a few hours PlayStation Plus perks and rewards associated with big names.

Games exclusive to the PlayStation subscription service (find a subscription gift card At Amazon) Part of a catalog that only some levels can access.

The catalog of free games has been enriched ever since immediately with many titlesincluding big and thick classic titles that are really very interesting.

Well, as also reported by Games Radarfans of Horizon forbidden west they are at a loss for its early appearance on PS Plus, just a few months after its release.

Sony confirmed that yesterday Horizon forbidden west would have been the protagonist of the subscription offer for the current month of February.

On the underreddit of the game was this addition – coming less than a year after the game’s launch met with mixed reactions.

Many fans have noted that the decision could be part of a larger marketing campaign: with the DLC Burning Shores appears in April and horizon call of the mountain coming to PS VR2 next week Forbidden West under the eyes of as many users as possible, it seems a sensible choice.

However, according to others, it is easy to believe that the game’s passage is on Sony’s subscription service clear indications that sales did not quite live up to expectations. A few unlucky players have even pointed out that they bought Forbidden West just in the last few weeks, just before the announcement that these will be made free for subscribers.

The most logical hypothesis seems to be the first, meaning that Sony makes a smart move by running a free promotion for Aloy and the company ahead of the launch of two major projects related to the franchise. Obviously the truth isn’t given to us to know, so all that’s left for us to do is wait and play.

Staying on topic, to enjoy free PS Plus games, you need a subscription Extras and bonuses. Here in doubt which titles are added at each membership level.

Not only that, Sony has indeed confirmed a free online multiplayer weekend for PlayStation for February 18th and 19th: read the details.

Finally, this month sees the return of a great classic from the PS1 era: We’re talking about the beloved The Legend of the Dragoons.

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