June 25, 2024

GTA 6 is currently in the works at Rockstar Studios and as we know, the game should be released again in America.

The sequel to GTA V (find the current issue) is certainly one of the most anticipated titles of the coming months.

A wait that led to the fans getting there in the first place Make fun of various insiders and their announcement date predictions.

Well, as also reported by Gaming Bibleit seems someone has floated the idea of ​​not hiring anymore GTA in the USA or surrounding areas, but rather to fly in that direction London.

The user of Reddit Diamondhands_Rex opened the conversation by writing: “What do you think about a GTA return to London? I like San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City, but London would be a refreshingly bleak place for a GTA.”.

“I’m not sure, GTA seems so focused on satire/examination of US culture.”wrote AgentOfSPYRAL, while mianbru added: “Yes, I’ve been thinking about how much of the fun of GTA is the satirical content. American cultural satire works with a wide audience because we export so much media that people from other countries get the joke almost as much as Americans do..

ArcadianGh0st expressed a slightly more optimistic view, writing: “Maybe if they focused on a Guy Ritchie style. You have an intimidating villain and the MCs just want to get out of a mess that may or may not be their fault. “Could be suitable for expansion”while RaspberryWonderful16 commented: “Imagine trying to race through all these streets in a timed mission.”.

Let’s remember that London was the setting for the franchise Grand Theft Auto: London 1969an extension of the very first GTA Released in 1999 for PC and PlayStation. So who knows if Rockstar will actually decide to return to the UK in the future?

Meanwhile, other fans have decided to pass the time by giving life Trailer created in Unreal Engine 5really surprising.

But that’s not all: ten years at the peak of a wave, with a future that never comes: GTA V He is the greatest of him, but he has learned everything from the glorious past of the saga. Read our special.

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