May 18, 2024

A classic PS3 shooter is ‘dead’ after 15 years of honorable service.


It truly is the end of an era: after a decade and a half of chaotic fun, the PS3 version From Team Fortress 2 He decided to say hello to everyone.

It’s one of the most popular games from Valve, the makers of half-life (what you find At Amazon), a multiplayer FPS that we regularly find in the most played charts on Steam, despite not being supported that much by its developer.

The game has also been available for consoles for a while, but now it looks like the game will unfortunately no longer be playable on one of those platforms.

TF2 was released as part of the well-known PlayStation 3 bundle The orange cratea compilation that included half-life 2the extensions for the latter, portal And Team Fortress 2. Now, 15 years after the PS3 release, the servers of TF2 have gone offline, as also reported by The player.

Despite his age Team Fortress 2 It’s a game that felt like it would never die. At the time of writing, Steam Charts data shows this 90,289 players were online in the last 40 minuteswhile the game peaked at 101,464 concurrent players over the last 24 hours.

Just to put things into perspective, the stats of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 (published less than five months ago) say 48,482 people played in the last 40 minutes – the game had a 24-hour simultaneous high of 88,886.

At Reddit Fans said goodbye to the game: «You were my first game, I didn’t think that you would be the first step towards a new paradigm in my life. You are missed my friend»wrote Alphahere.

«what a sad day. I have so many good childhood memories in this version of the game that I will miss playing it again to have some nostalgia.”commented ColeyBoii. “It’s enough to make a grown man cry”Added Severe Stomach.

Luckily the Xbox One version of the game saw no disruption of serviceand the PC version is still fully functional.

The developers of TF2 at least recently revealed Counterstrike 2which promises to bring back another great classic of the genre by giving a nice jolt to the genre to which it belongs, since it is a title that can be played completely freewhich is not bad.

Staying on topic, you’ve read that there’s a clue hidden in the files Counterstrike 2 may have expected the unveiling of Left 4 dead 3?

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